buildings around Germansweek and Eworthy

The pictures in the gallery below are from buildings around Germansweek and Eworthy. ‘Around Germansweek and Eworthy’ means mainly in Bratton Clovelly and Broadwoodwidger, within the area outlined by the old A30 (Okehampton to Launceston), A388 (Launceston to Holsworthy), A3072 Holsworthy to Hatherleigh), and A386 (Hatherleigh to Okehampton).

The location of Jersey Cottage is unclear. The landscape sketch of Upcott appears also in the Germansweek landscapes gallery. There are several Upcotts in Devon so the location is unclear also.

There will be stories behind these pictures but unfortunately I do not know them.

The buildings are listed below in approximately the order they’d appear clockwise on a map :

  • West Chilla Farm, Black Torrington
  • Church Gate Cottage, Northlew
  • Northcombe Farm, Bratton Clovelly
  • Chimsworthy, Bratton Clovelly
  • Great Bidlake Manor, Bridestow
  • Headson Cottage, Broadwoodwidger
  • Lugworthy, Broadwoodwidger
  • Southweek, Germansweek
  • Toft, Germansweek
  • Jersey Cottage, Bratton Clovelly
  • Upcott